Happy 5 Month Birthday!

22 Jun

So, this was suppose to be posted on Friday.  But I wanted to wait until I got some of the newest pictures edited and uploaded.  But then the weekend came.  And that whole moving thing.  And the not having internet at home anymore thing.  So that didn’t work.  So here it is anyway!  With not as new photos instead!

To that beautiful baby of mine,

5 months already.  The time has flown.  I know that everyone says that, but it is true.  This past month you have decided you want to be a big girl.

You finally rolled over!  Several times in fact.  From your tummy to your back.  You are trying to go from your back to your tummy as well, but haven’t quite figured out what to do with your arm.

Wrestling with your Sassy Doll

Wrestling with your Sassy Doll

You love sitting up as well as standing.  You can sit by yourself unassisted until you see something exciting and lose your balance.  You also love standing.  Your legs are strong enough to keep you upright with only holding onto Mommy or Daddy’s hands to balance you.

So proud!

So proud!

Still completely in love with your puppies and your Grammy’s puppies.  You have started reaching out towards Darius to run your fingers through his long fur.  He loves when you do that and will turn around to give you kisses over your hands, feet and face.  When he licks your face you scrunch up your eyes in the cutest way and giggle.

You had your first stay-over without Mommy or Daddy last weekend while we packed to move to our new house.  Your Nana was so happy to take care of you.  They placed you in your new bouncy seat which you absolutely fell in love with.

Bouncy Time!

We were interested in seeing what you would think of real people food so placed the tip of a carrot in your mouth.  You rubbed your tongue on it and glared at us, as if to say that you can’t believe we would place something other than a nipple or human flesh in your mouth.

You are still a great sleeper, although sometimes you have hard nights.  Sometimes you’ll grunt and groan when we wake you up to get you ready for the day, if you have to come with us when Daddy drives Mommy to work.  Or other days, like this morning, you are wide awake at 6am and talking up a storm.  Some nights you want nothing more than to be in bed with us, while other nights you want to be left alone.  I cannot even begin to imagine the teenager you will become.

We are moving this weekend and you will start sleeping in your crib, as you have just about outgrown your cradle.  Don’t worry though, it will still stick around for you to keep your toys in and away from the puppies.

I love you so much and cannot wait to see how the next month goes!


Your Mommy


One Response to “Happy 5 Month Birthday!”

  1. Heather June 22, 2009 at 12:52 pm #

    Happy five month birthday, Baby Soup! You get cuter every day!

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