The Grand Ole Opera

18 May

So my Saturday was busy and wonderful.

I went to downtown Portland (an event in and of itself) and went to the opera!  A good friend mentioned something at my husband’s birthday about how she doesn’t have an opera buddy.  I am always up for any kind of live entertainment and although I had never been to the opera in person, I enjoyed the music of it.  So I was totally in.

I got there before she was done with her event so I got to sit in the park area of Portland State University and read a book.  It was a BEAUTIFUL 80 degree day so I had no problem relaxing in the shade.  I even got hit on.  Twice.  One of the guys came up and said “I’ve been spending the last 20 minutes trying to get up the nerve to come over and talk to you.”  When I told him I was happily married, he asked if it was an open relationship.  Ahhh, Portland.

We then walked down, got a quick snack for dinner, then got the student tickets.  Hurray for having my old college ID that has no expiration date on it!  We then ate our dinner outside the Keller Auditorium.  This meal was almost as entertaining as the opera itself.  The people are crazy!

For example.  This guy:

He looked like all he needed was 3 buddies to be one of these guys:

Except his shoes were black.

And then there was this lady:

Let me remind you of the temperature.  EIGHTY DEGREES!  And she is wearing a fur.  CRAZY!

But the doors finally opened and we got to our seats.  Fantastic seats for $10!  Rigoletto is phenominal.  I highly recommend it to anyone!  The guy that plays a hit-man had the most amazing bass voice.  It reverberated out into the audience.  Incredible.

The story (if you don’t know it) is about a Duke and his hunchbacked jester Rigoletto who wench a lot, and an old man, whose daughter is one of those poor souls, curses the both of them.  Rigoletto takes it serious and is worried about his own daughter.  The Duke sneaks into Rigoletto’s house, thinking to seduce his mistress (who is actually his daughter) and she falls in love with him.  The Duke then sneaks back out and tells his entourage (one of which is a guy in a FABULOUS fat suit with big floppy bows on his shoes.  The costumes were great!) to go steal Rigoletto’s mistress.  They sneak in and wisk her away.  Rigoletto finds out, tells them she’s his daughter, not his mistress, and they let them go.  By this time, the daughter is (for some reason) still in love with the Duke even though he basically raped her.  Rigoletto takes revenge and hires a hit man to kill him.  The hit man’s sister is part of the plot and is used to seduce the charges.  But of course, she falls in love with him and begs her brother to spare his life.  Somehow she falls in love with him while he sings about how fickle women are.  During this whole thing, Rigoletto’s daughter is outside the door listening to it all.  The hit man decides that if someone comes in before the end of the night, he will kill that person instead of the Duke so the sister can have him.  The daughter then decides, even though she has been hearing the Duke spout how much he loves this other girl and singing about how fickle women are, to sacrifice herself so he won’t die.  I know, RIDICULOUS!!  So she dies, Rigoletto comes back to dispose of what he thinks is the Duke’s body, but discovers its his daughter’s.  Ahhh, tragedies.

During the intermission between Act 2 and 3, we went upstairs to look out the beautiful windows over the fountain in front of the Auditorium.  That’s when we saw this:

Is that….bubbles?

So we ran downstairs to go outside while intermission was still going to see this:

It was crazy!

People were out playing in it too.

It was very entertaining.

Then it was time to walk back to my car, do a quick pumping session, and head home.  Altogether a wonderful evening!

Even if my feet ended up like this:

Totally worth it.


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