The Joys of Spam

6 Apr

I have the joy of checking several of our generic email boxes for real stuff that happens to slip in amongst the spam at work.  The titles are so creative, I can just imagine a little man sitting at his desk in a cubicle jungle writing these subject lines, proud of his job to create the most creative lines that may one day grace so many inboxes.

Some of my favorites:

“Your meaty instrument needs improvement”

How did you know I needed a new meat tenderizer?

“Turn the worm in your pocket into a python”

Why would someone have a worm in their pocket, and why would that same someone wish for a python to be there instead?  Seems like a very uncomfortable outfit.

“Lost my card, check at home, please”

Oh yes, of course Mister Favjwup (I kid you not).  Allow me to rush home from my work day to check for your card!

But lately, they’ve become depressing.

I don’t want to watch a US Senator crap his pants or a CEO commit suicide.

Who would click on the video to see a CEO commit suicide from an email?  You know things are getting bad when even spam is becoming depressing.

And to leave you with something happier than talking about suicide…




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