Hello world!

10 Mar

Ahhh, Monday.

The bane of existence for many workers.  And the first Monday since coming back from maternity leave.

A Monday for a working mom is different than a regular Monday.  They’ve had a weekend to spend all day with their child(ren).  Two long days where you get to see every smile, every diaper change, ever angry moment.

Then five long days where you will miss out on it.  8+ hours away from your house, wondering what they are smiling about, what they are seeing, what they are doing.  You rush home as soon as the clock turns 5, hoping that traffic is light.  Praying that you haven’t missed the one moment they do something brand new.

You pull into your driveway, open the garage or the front door, your breath held.  Then you see them.  Your heart stops and overflows with love.

An amazing feeling.

Until you have to leave again the next day.


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